Day 363


Day 363:  I have gratitude for the ways in which our children surprise us.  I was working outside this afternoon, and I had both boys with me.  Being in the high 80’s with 100% humidity, the weather was ridiculous for doing yardwork.  I was drenched but needed to finish the job…Callan wanted to go inside, Mattie was tangled in her leash, and Caden kept running off. To my surprise, Caden went to the refrigerator in the garage, climbed shelves, fished out a cold drink, and brought it to me.  He wanted nothing to do with it himself…I tried giving him some and he refused…so I truly believe he sensed my exhaustion and brought this to help.  I’m shocked at both his thoughtfulness and my underestimation of his understanding and awareness.  Our boys are amazing.

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