Day 355

DSC04289 - Version 2Day 355:  I have gratitude for the opportunity to be part of Marnie’s family reunion.  This was an amazing event — a reunion of a great family that hasn’t happened for thirty years.  It was fun learning more about Marnie’s family and the interesting lives they have lived.  Marnie did a phenomenal job pulling together multi-generational pictures — you could see the joy in the faces of people as they recalled memories initiated by the photos.  For me, one of the best feelings was being so welcomed and accepted by her family — even to the point that my sister and dad (who came as well) felt as part of the family.  It is one thing to be invited to an event, but it is an entirely different thing to be embraced at an event.  We — the outsiders to this group, on a paper family tree — were the latter.  I think this speaks to the quality of people in Marnie’s family; these are the kind of people that make friends and non-blood relatives feel as if they grew up in the family all along.

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