Day 182


Day 182:  I have gratitude for Caden’s insistence on having me read this book to him.  For the unfamiliar, this book is about a mother singing a song to her son at various stages in his life (from birth to teenage years to adulthood).  At the end, the dying mother tries to sing the song one last time, but the son finishes it for her.  The son then goes home to sing the song to his newborn. The last time I saw this book, Marnie read it to us before we left for Mom’s funeral.  I was torn up.  Caden really wanted me to read this to him last night.  He sat patiently in my lap as I struggled to read it, even as I could barely speak the words near the end.  This book was a reminder that I must show to Caden the love Mom had for him, just as in the book.

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