Day 177


Day 177:  Merry Christmas!  I have gratitude for many things today, above all being the birth of Christ.  Though December 25 was likely not the day of Christ’s birth, it is still a day to celebrate the intersection of one of the most carnal events (birth) and divine events (God becoming man).  It is also a day to honor traditions and show love through giving.  I don’t mean to imply this day is about the gifts, nor do I solely celebrate receiving gifts, although I have gratitude for those willing to show generosity towards me; even more, I enjoy celebrating others by giving gifts.  I have gratitude for the ability to spend this day with family and for the remembrance of deep-rooted traditions such as ornaments on our Christmas tree that have particularly special memories.  I am grateful for people like Marnie, my parents, and her parents that sought out unique ornaments to adorn our tree each year and the emotion, love, and significance of each ornament.  I am thankful for all the good emotion and memories attached to this holiday and for the ability to join our world-wide church family in the celebration of Christ’s birth.

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