Day 150


Day 150:  I have gratitude for the time spent with family, even if only for a few hours.  Today, we had our most of our immediate family with us — Marnie’s parents, my Dad, and my sisters — along with our four person (five with Mattie) family.  This was also our first time hosting Thanksgiving as well as the first time we have had everyone together in our new house.  Mom would have been proud with all of us working alongside one another to create a great meal and enjoy time together.  It is easy, especially on Thanksgiving, to give in to cliche “thanks” for what we; TV commercials interspersed between gala parades in the AM reminded us of all the frail and irrelevant things for which we should be thankful (such as Black Friday deals).  Truly, even the least of us have so much more than vast majority of the world to the point where we neglect to have true gratitude for things we proudly regard as “rights.”  I have gratitude today for those things as well — for a home, for heat, for the ability to cook and have food to cook, for a loving family, for transportation to bring us together, for those who are working today to allow us to enjoy this time together — the list could go on.  Maybe, succinctly, I shall say I have gratitude for all of those things for which we often take for granted.

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