Day 72


Day 72:  Today I have gratitude for the love of my parents and the blessings resulting from their time together.  Twenty five years prior to the day terrorists highjacked airplanes and (unsuccessfully) attempted to destroy our country and culture, my parents wed.  I often took their anniversary for granted, treating it almost like many of our “routine holidays” like Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, etc. — events that hold a particular place on a calender, unchanged in most ways year to year.  Not so any longer when half of the ingredients for the anniversary is no longer with us.  Last year, the first wedding anniversary without Mom, it was difficult to do anything but mourn.  Today though, I can approach the day with less sadness (for her presence no longer with us on Earth) and more thankfulness (for the length of her presence with us on Earth).  My parents provided a good example of love unique to marriage:  not perfect by any means, but strong enough to endure, serve, and bring out the best in one another.  Thank you Mom and Dad.

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